Adam: I'm excited for the Opportunity to Serve as a Homegrown Voice

On September 24, Adam sent a letter to local papers expressing his excitement for the opportunity to serve as a homegrown voice on the Eden Prairie School Board. Eden Prairie voters will elect four school board members on Tuesday, November 3.

I have lived in Eden Prairie my entire life. From Kindergartner to homeowner, Eden Prairie Schools and our community have done more for me than I could ever list. Eden Prairie has been a great place to grow up, raise a family, and get a great education for many years, for me and many of my peers. I’m excited for the opportunity to be a part of continuing Eden Prairie Schools’ standards of excellence by serving on the Eden Prairie School Board.

Growing up in Eden Prairie Schools meant I was blessed with tremendous support from incredible teachers, loving parent groups, and huge efforts from community members and local businesses dedicated to improving our kids’ educations. One of the biggest roles of the school board is to work with everyone in Eden Prairie and help them realize their ideas and efforts on behalf of our kids. I can’t wait to work on behalf of today’s kids with the teachers, parents, and local businesses who once helped me. Every Eden Prairie kid deserves to have that community support and exceptional teaching continue.

 The election for School Board in on Tuesday November 3. It’s a great chance to communicate across our schools and city. I encourage you to contact me with your thoughts and ideas at (952), or I will give your ideas a hometown voice on the school board.

- Adam Seidel

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