I Ask for Your Vote

On October 29, Adam sent a letter to local papers asking for your vote in the election on Tuesday, November 3.

This is an important time for Eden Prairie Schools. To continue to provide an excellent education for our kids, we need skilled oversight and strong community collaboration from our School Board. I will provide this, and I humbly ask for your vote on November 3.

When I moved into Eden Prairie 22 years ago, I lived next to an alfalfa field and walked through the woods to Cedar Ridge Elementary. Now I own a home here and there is very little undeveloped land in the city. I watched Eden Prairie grow my whole life, and my lifetime in our schools gives me a wealth of knowledge on how to take advantage of our city’s special qualities and unique resources on behalf of kids.

Discerning oversight of the district’s budget after last year’s referendum is of generational importance. With proper long-term management, we have the resources to provide a great education for our kids for years to come. I have the financial skills and experience to give careful scrutiny to how our tax dollars are spent and prevent mistakes that will hurt down the road.

I have knocked on thousands of doors and met with hundreds of our neighbors during this campaign. I am honored by these many supporters entrusting me to provide long-term decision making and a lifetime of experience to our schools. Together, we can build another 30 years of Eden Prairie excellence. I respectfully ask for your vote.

Adam Seidel

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