EP Teacher Dawn Fedora: Vote Seidel to Grow Our Strengths

On Ovtober 29, Eden Prairie teacher and resident Dawn Fedora published the following letter in local newspapers. Dawn taught Adam for for years at Cedar Ridge Elementary. The election is Tuesday, November 3.

Adam Seidel is a great choice for your vote for school board on Tuesday, November 3. As an Eden Prairie graduate and lifelong resident, he understands the strengths Eden Prairie Schools has to offer and how to communicate those strengths to the community. I’m excited to be supporting him.

I first met Adam when he entered my first grade key class at Cedar Ridge. 21 years later, he is a local homeowner with a strong commitment to Eden Prairie. I met with Adam, and he spoke knowledgeably and passionately about the special strengths within Eden Prairie Schools that have helped make us a successful district. His deep connection to our schools and city is unique among the candidates and will provide important insight on the school board.

It is important these strengths are communicated to Eden Prairie families and school administration so they can be built upon by the whole community. Adam has made impressive efforts to meet with teachers, parents, and other local leaders to share ideas. He has knocked hundreds of doors and met with countless community groups. He will make sure all EP Kids have a chance to take advantage of the best opportunities our district has to offer.

This is an important time for our schools. The world is constantly innovating, but we have special qualities in Eden Prairie that should be the foundation we build from. Adam understands these strengths extremely well, and I hope you give him your vote on Tuesday, November 3.

Dawn Fedora

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