Community Leader Gary Stevens Knows Adam will Give YOU a Voice on the School Board

On September 17, Gary Stevens shared a letter of support for Adam with local Eden Prairie papers. "Eden Prairie Gary" is a long-time leader in the Eden Prairie Foundation and Eden Prairie Lions, who work with and support many positive programs across the community. Eden Prairie voters will elect four school board members on Tuesday, November 3.

On Tuesday, November 3rd, an important election is taking place to choose the members of our local school board. This is a great opportunity to set up a board that will guarantee our schools and our community stay strong. Adam Seidel is the right candidate to engage our whole community, and I’m happy to support him.

Adam has lived in Eden Prairie since he was five, attending Eden Prairie schools since kindergarten. When he was at EPHS, he was already jumping in to help the community when he founded the singing valentine's tradition to support the Choir Scholarship Program. A great tradition at EPHS, raising thousands of dollars for Eden Prairie students.

Since graduating in 2006, Adam has continued to work with and engage the many Eden Prairie residents who strive tirelessly to improve our city and schools. In my volunteering with the Eden Prairie Lions and Eden Prairie Community Foundation, I have seen Adam’s ability to listen and cooperate firsthand as he inspires those around him to take part in improving our shared civic values and offering helping hands. Adam cares deeply about Eden Prairie, and knows how to encourage others to join in with their own efforts and ideas.

I’m delighted to see a candidate who will make sure our entire community has a chance to help improve our schools. Also, I appreciate that he is someone who has actually been enrolled in our schools and can offer insight as a former student. Please join me in supporting Adam Seidel for school board on Tuesday, November 3.

- Gary Stevens


Published in the Eden Prairie News

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