Make Sure to Vote Tuesday

On Thursday, October 29, Gary Stevens shared the following letter with local Eden Prairie papers. It is extremely important to vote in the Nov 3 election. Many polling locations have changed. Click here to make sure you know where to vote.

Realtors will tell you a great school system is probably the single most motivating factor as to why people move to Eden Prairie.  On Tuesday, we have an important school board election that will choose at least three new members of the board. This new board will make a number of important decisions crucial to continued educational excellence in Eden Prairie Schools. I’ll be voting for Adam Seidel, and I encourage you to join me, but above all make sure your voice is heard. 

Anticipated turnout is expected to be quite low.  Unfortunately less than 10% of the registered voters will bother to vote. There are only four polling locations for this election, so you may not be voting at your normal location. You can find out where your polling location is on Adam’s website at

I appreciate that Adam is trying to make it easy to be involved, his voting page speaks to that. These elections aren’t talked about as much around the water cooler, but these local decisions will have a bigger and more immediate impact on your family, business, and kids than any of the national elections that get more media attention.  This is the board that is responsible for the 2015-2016 budget of over $104,000,000.  That’s a lot of money.  Choose carefully.  If you don’t bother to vote, you have no reason to criticize. 

So please join me at the polls Tuesday. I’ll be placing my trust in Adam Seidel. Our decision will have a huge impact on Eden Prairie.

Gary Stevens

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