School Board Director Holly Link Voting for Adam

On October 8, Holly Link shared a letter of support for Adam with local Eden Prairie papers. Holly Link is a current Eden Prairie School Board Member with graduate studies in education at Harvard University and a Ph.D. in Process, Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development from the University of Minnesota. Adam is extremely proud to have her distinguished support. Eden Prairie voters will elect four school board members on Tuesday, November 3.

Adam Seidel Shows Commitment to Serve on Eden Prairie School Board

This November, Eden Prairie voters will elect four persons to serve on the Eden Prairie School Board, each for a four-year term. Serving on the School Board requires a strong commitment to the taxpayers of Eden Prairie to ensure that our schools provide a fiscally sound, exemplary education to each student, which inspires them and equips them to be college or career ready.

Adam Seidel has already demonstrated this commitment to serve our schools by his actions as a candidate. He consistently attends scheduled Board meetings, has gathered parent values at school PTO meetings, and has sought out community leaders to understand their views for the future of Eden Prairie. Adam’s work with the local Chamber of Commerce, Rotarians, and Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools exemplifies a willingness and ability to gather ideas and put them into action for the good of the community.

The first months serving on the school board require the ability to digest a large amount of information. As a serious candidate, Adam has a head start on this process. He has used his financial expertise to study district budget documents and is becoming familiar with the School Board Policies and the District Strategic Plan.

Adam Seidel has convincingly demonstrated that he is committed to our School District as a candidate. I am confident he will continue to be a significant asset to the district and the Eden Prairie community as a member of the School Board. Please join me in voting for him on Tuesday, November 3.

Holly Link

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