Kelly Hopper: Seidel will set an accountable fiscal path

On October 15, Kelly Hopper shared a letter of support for Adam with local Eden Prairie papers. Kelly is a leader in multiple Eden Prairie PTO organizations, and a leading advocate for accountability and effective use of Eden Prairie referendum dollars. Eden Prairie voters will elect four school board members on Tuesday, November 3.

When last year's referendum passed, very specific promises were made to Eden Prairie families about how that money would be spent. I worked hard to support that investment in our schools, but I also know that money needs to be protected from waste and used very carefully so it lasts. Adam Seidel has the fiscal mindedness and the passion to set a sustainable path, and I hope you will join me in supporting him in the School Board election on Tuesday, November 3.

The new money for our schools from the referendum is our tax dollars, and very specific promises were made to voters about how that money would be used. The school district must be held accountable to those promises. Adam has the sharp fiscal eye and skills to make sure EP Schools keep the commitments they made to the voters and our kids.

While Adam is keeping our schools accountable, he will keep himself accountable to us. His passion for Eden Prairie comes from a entire lifetime in our community and schools. His long term outlook and accessibility will ensue our schools are held to a high standard of responsiveness and keeping their promises.

If our schools protect our tax dollars from waste and keep their promises, they have the resources to provide a great education for a generation of our kids. Adam Seidel is the community voice we need to keep our schools accountable. Please join me in casting your vote for him on Tuesday, Novemeber 3.

Kelly Hopper

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