Thank You Eden Prairie

Thank you Eden Prairie. Being elected to serve on the school board last week was a tremendous honor. I have lived in Eden Prairie my whole life and have a huge belief in the people here. To be elected by those that I hold in such high esteem is extremely humbling. Another sincere thanks to those who wrote letters, spoke to friends, and spread the word in support of my campaign. I will work hard to earn the trust you’ve placed in me.

It’s very important to me that you are able to contact me easily. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with your thoughts, ideas, and concerns. I will continue to be easy to find online at, via phone at (952) 221-5918, or through email In addition, I will continue to work to bring information to you through these platforms so you can stay up to date on important issues in our schools and community.

It’s extremely important that our whole community take part in our schools. We have huge responsibilities and opportunities in the next couple of years in Eden Prairie. I’m excited to get to work.

Adam Seidel

Make Sure to Vote Tuesday

On Thursday, October 29, Gary Stevens shared the following letter with local Eden Prairie papers. It is extremely important to vote in the Nov 3 election. Many polling locations have changed. Click here to make sure you know where to vote.

Realtors will tell you a great school system is probably the single most motivating factor as to why people move to Eden Prairie.  On Tuesday, we have an important school board election that will choose at least three new members of the board. This new board will make a number of important decisions crucial to continued educational excellence in Eden Prairie Schools. I’ll be voting for Adam Seidel, and I encourage you to join me, but above all make sure your voice is heard. 

Anticipated turnout is expected to be quite low.  Unfortunately less than 10% of the registered voters will bother to vote. There are only four polling locations for this election, so you may not be voting at your normal location. You can find out where your polling location is on Adam’s website at

I appreciate that Adam is trying to make it easy to be involved, his voting page speaks to that. These elections aren’t talked about as much around the water cooler, but these local decisions will have a bigger and more immediate impact on your family, business, and kids than any of the national elections that get more media attention.  This is the board that is responsible for the 2015-2016 budget of over $104,000,000.  That’s a lot of money.  Choose carefully.  If you don’t bother to vote, you have no reason to criticize. 

So please join me at the polls Tuesday. I’ll be placing my trust in Adam Seidel. Our decision will have a huge impact on Eden Prairie.

Gary Stevens

EP Teacher Dawn Fedora: Vote Seidel to Grow Our Strengths

On Ovtober 29, Eden Prairie teacher and resident Dawn Fedora published the following letter in local newspapers. Dawn taught Adam for for years at Cedar Ridge Elementary. The election is Tuesday, November 3.

Adam Seidel is a great choice for your vote for school board on Tuesday, November 3. As an Eden Prairie graduate and lifelong resident, he understands the strengths Eden Prairie Schools has to offer and how to communicate those strengths to the community. I’m excited to be supporting him.

I first met Adam when he entered my first grade key class at Cedar Ridge. 21 years later, he is a local homeowner with a strong commitment to Eden Prairie. I met with Adam, and he spoke knowledgeably and passionately about the special strengths within Eden Prairie Schools that have helped make us a successful district. His deep connection to our schools and city is unique among the candidates and will provide important insight on the school board.

It is important these strengths are communicated to Eden Prairie families and school administration so they can be built upon by the whole community. Adam has made impressive efforts to meet with teachers, parents, and other local leaders to share ideas. He has knocked hundreds of doors and met with countless community groups. He will make sure all EP Kids have a chance to take advantage of the best opportunities our district has to offer.

This is an important time for our schools. The world is constantly innovating, but we have special qualities in Eden Prairie that should be the foundation we build from. Adam understands these strengths extremely well, and I hope you give him your vote on Tuesday, November 3.

Dawn Fedora

I Ask for Your Vote

On October 29, Adam sent a letter to local papers asking for your vote in the election on Tuesday, November 3.

This is an important time for Eden Prairie Schools. To continue to provide an excellent education for our kids, we need skilled oversight and strong community collaboration from our School Board. I will provide this, and I humbly ask for your vote on November 3.

When I moved into Eden Prairie 22 years ago, I lived next to an alfalfa field and walked through the woods to Cedar Ridge Elementary. Now I own a home here and there is very little undeveloped land in the city. I watched Eden Prairie grow my whole life, and my lifetime in our schools gives me a wealth of knowledge on how to take advantage of our city’s special qualities and unique resources on behalf of kids.

Discerning oversight of the district’s budget after last year’s referendum is of generational importance. With proper long-term management, we have the resources to provide a great education for our kids for years to come. I have the financial skills and experience to give careful scrutiny to how our tax dollars are spent and prevent mistakes that will hurt down the road.

I have knocked on thousands of doors and met with hundreds of our neighbors during this campaign. I am honored by these many supporters entrusting me to provide long-term decision making and a lifetime of experience to our schools. Together, we can build another 30 years of Eden Prairie excellence. I respectfully ask for your vote.

Adam Seidel

EPHS PTO President: Seidel Will be Acessible

On October 22, EPHS PTO President Roxane Gilje shared a letter of support for Adam with local Eden Prairie papers. Roxane has led key parent volunteer efforts for 11 years at several Eden Prairie schools. Eden Prairie voters will elect four school board members on Tuesday, November 3.

I have been an involved parent of the Eden Prairie Schools for over 11 years as a volunteer and an active leader in all of our school PTOs.  A priority for me is the relationship between our administration, our staff and our parents. As parent volunteers, we can help make that relationship stronger by working to provide the resources that are needed and widening the opportunities we can offer to our students. We accomplish more by working together and that is why Adam Seidel should be a choice on your voting ballot on November 3. 

I have found that Adam Seidel has made it easy to be reachable and open to discussion and ideas.  Adam has really put himself out there, one by using a current social media outlet like Facebook to share his ideas and message.  His promise to maintain an active website and other social media content with his personal contact info accessible to everyone is a benefit, in addition to offering an easy way for those with less time to reach him. He will be a resource for our students and our parents to help reach the goals we have for our district. 

If you want an accessible and accountable School Board, Adam Seidel is the perfect candidate. I'm excited to see what our community groups can accomplish with a listener like him on the board. I intend to vote Seidel on Tuesday, November 3, and I hope you do too.

- Roxane Gilje, EPHS PTO President

Kelly Hopper: Seidel will set an accountable fiscal path

On October 15, Kelly Hopper shared a letter of support for Adam with local Eden Prairie papers. Kelly is a leader in multiple Eden Prairie PTO organizations, and a leading advocate for accountability and effective use of Eden Prairie referendum dollars. Eden Prairie voters will elect four school board members on Tuesday, November 3.

When last year's referendum passed, very specific promises were made to Eden Prairie families about how that money would be spent. I worked hard to support that investment in our schools, but I also know that money needs to be protected from waste and used very carefully so it lasts. Adam Seidel has the fiscal mindedness and the passion to set a sustainable path, and I hope you will join me in supporting him in the School Board election on Tuesday, November 3.

The new money for our schools from the referendum is our tax dollars, and very specific promises were made to voters about how that money would be used. The school district must be held accountable to those promises. Adam has the sharp fiscal eye and skills to make sure EP Schools keep the commitments they made to the voters and our kids.

While Adam is keeping our schools accountable, he will keep himself accountable to us. His passion for Eden Prairie comes from a entire lifetime in our community and schools. His long term outlook and accessibility will ensue our schools are held to a high standard of responsiveness and keeping their promises.

If our schools protect our tax dollars from waste and keep their promises, they have the resources to provide a great education for a generation of our kids. Adam Seidel is the community voice we need to keep our schools accountable. Please join me in casting your vote for him on Tuesday, Novemeber 3.

Kelly Hopper

School Board Director Holly Link Voting for Adam

On October 8, Holly Link shared a letter of support for Adam with local Eden Prairie papers. Holly Link is a current Eden Prairie School Board Member with graduate studies in education at Harvard University and a Ph.D. in Process, Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development from the University of Minnesota. Adam is extremely proud to have her distinguished support. Eden Prairie voters will elect four school board members on Tuesday, November 3.

Adam Seidel Shows Commitment to Serve on Eden Prairie School Board

This November, Eden Prairie voters will elect four persons to serve on the Eden Prairie School Board, each for a four-year term. Serving on the School Board requires a strong commitment to the taxpayers of Eden Prairie to ensure that our schools provide a fiscally sound, exemplary education to each student, which inspires them and equips them to be college or career ready.

Adam Seidel has already demonstrated this commitment to serve our schools by his actions as a candidate. He consistently attends scheduled Board meetings, has gathered parent values at school PTO meetings, and has sought out community leaders to understand their views for the future of Eden Prairie. Adam’s work with the local Chamber of Commerce, Rotarians, and Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools exemplifies a willingness and ability to gather ideas and put them into action for the good of the community.

The first months serving on the school board require the ability to digest a large amount of information. As a serious candidate, Adam has a head start on this process. He has used his financial expertise to study district budget documents and is becoming familiar with the School Board Policies and the District Strategic Plan.

Adam Seidel has convincingly demonstrated that he is committed to our School District as a candidate. I am confident he will continue to be a significant asset to the district and the Eden Prairie community as a member of the School Board. Please join me in voting for him on Tuesday, November 3.

Holly Link

Deb Karulf

On October 1, Deb Karulf shared a letter of support for Adam with local Eden Prairie papers. Deb is a long-time leader in the Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools and co-founder of the annual FEPS 5k run. Eden Prairie voters will elect four school board members on Tuesday, November 3.

As we prepare to vote in the Tuesday, November 3rd School Board election, let me introduce you to Adam Seidel. I have known Adam since he grew up with my son in the Eden Prairie Schools. I witnessed him develop from an excited, hopeful young student into a thoughtful, capable young man. I believe Adam is the perfect fit for this moment in the Eden Prairie Schools.

Even though we’ve shared a long history, as residents of Eden Prairie, I sat down with Adam to discuss his thoughts on the state of our schools. Curious, I asked him, “Why run now?” Adam is committed to appropriately equip all learners. His sensitivity to diversity, vigilance for our schools future, timeliness, as well as his fiscal discernment and responsibility reassured me Adam runs for the right reasons.

Adam lends a unique perspective. He’s a 2006 EPHS graduate, well educated, a recent homeowner, and well involved in our community. Adam has matured sufficiently in his career and life to have the skills, and necessary commonsense, to make wise decisions on the school board. He’s young enough to draw upon his experience with our schools, yet sufficiently old enough to be qualified, objective, and in-touch with the salient issues. Adam possesses the ideal blend of knowledge and insight to contribute to the board NOW.

November 3 is the right moment for Eden Prairie Schools to benefit from Adam’s service. Please join me in supporting Adam Seidel for School Board on Tuesday, November 3.

- Deb Karulf

Adam: I'm excited for the Opportunity to Serve as a Homegrown Voice

On September 24, Adam sent a letter to local papers expressing his excitement for the opportunity to serve as a homegrown voice on the Eden Prairie School Board. Eden Prairie voters will elect four school board members on Tuesday, November 3.

I have lived in Eden Prairie my entire life. From Kindergartner to homeowner, Eden Prairie Schools and our community have done more for me than I could ever list. Eden Prairie has been a great place to grow up, raise a family, and get a great education for many years, for me and many of my peers. I’m excited for the opportunity to be a part of continuing Eden Prairie Schools’ standards of excellence by serving on the Eden Prairie School Board.

Growing up in Eden Prairie Schools meant I was blessed with tremendous support from incredible teachers, loving parent groups, and huge efforts from community members and local businesses dedicated to improving our kids’ educations. One of the biggest roles of the school board is to work with everyone in Eden Prairie and help them realize their ideas and efforts on behalf of our kids. I can’t wait to work on behalf of today’s kids with the teachers, parents, and local businesses who once helped me. Every Eden Prairie kid deserves to have that community support and exceptional teaching continue.

 The election for School Board in on Tuesday November 3. It’s a great chance to communicate across our schools and city. I encourage you to contact me with your thoughts and ideas at (952), or I will give your ideas a hometown voice on the school board.

- Adam Seidel

Community Leader Gary Stevens Knows Adam will Give YOU a Voice on the School Board

On September 17, Gary Stevens shared a letter of support for Adam with local Eden Prairie papers. "Eden Prairie Gary" is a long-time leader in the Eden Prairie Foundation and Eden Prairie Lions, who work with and support many positive programs across the community. Eden Prairie voters will elect four school board members on Tuesday, November 3.

On Tuesday, November 3rd, an important election is taking place to choose the members of our local school board. This is a great opportunity to set up a board that will guarantee our schools and our community stay strong. Adam Seidel is the right candidate to engage our whole community, and I’m happy to support him.

Adam has lived in Eden Prairie since he was five, attending Eden Prairie schools since kindergarten. When he was at EPHS, he was already jumping in to help the community when he founded the singing valentine's tradition to support the Choir Scholarship Program. A great tradition at EPHS, raising thousands of dollars for Eden Prairie students.

Since graduating in 2006, Adam has continued to work with and engage the many Eden Prairie residents who strive tirelessly to improve our city and schools. In my volunteering with the Eden Prairie Lions and Eden Prairie Community Foundation, I have seen Adam’s ability to listen and cooperate firsthand as he inspires those around him to take part in improving our shared civic values and offering helping hands. Adam cares deeply about Eden Prairie, and knows how to encourage others to join in with their own efforts and ideas.

I’m delighted to see a candidate who will make sure our entire community has a chance to help improve our schools. Also, I appreciate that he is someone who has actually been enrolled in our schools and can offer insight as a former student. Please join me in supporting Adam Seidel for school board on Tuesday, November 3.

- Gary Stevens


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