Longtime Eden Prairie Teacher Gives Support to Adam Seidel

On Thursday, September 10, 44 year Eden Prairie math teacher and varsity soccer coach Vince Thomas published the following letter in local newspapers. Adam is extremely proud to have the support of brilliant educators like Mr. Thomas. Eden Prairie voters will elect four school board members on Tuesday, November 3.


Excited Seidel is running for board

As a long time teacher and coach in Eden Prairie, I'm very pleased to see my former student Adam Seidel announce his candidacy for School Board in the Tuesday, November 3 election.

Adam attended Eden Prairie Schools from kindergarten though his EPHS graduation in 2006. Since then, he's kept in contact with many of his former teachers, including myself. An important part of serving on School Board is reaching out to every corner of the community and listening to every idea that can help make our schools stronger for our kids. I'm excited about the opportunity Adam has to engage the ideas of so many Eden Prairie teachers. Our kids deserve to have every good idea put to use for them.

The next few years are big for Eden Prairie Schools. The voters just passed a major referendum and we have an opportunity, right now, to make the right long term decisions to set up a decade of success. As an Eden Prairie math teacher since 1972, I've been so lucky to have met so many extraordinary math students and I can happily number Adam among them. He has since used that brilliance to go on a career in finance and budgeting.  I believe he has that skill-set the board needs to make the right planning choices for the next generation of EP students.

Join me in supporting another generation of excellence for Eden Prairie kids. Join me in supporting Adam Seidel for School Board on Nov 3.

- Vince Thomas


Published in the Eden Prairie News

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