EPHS PTO President: Seidel Will be Acessible

On October 22, EPHS PTO President Roxane Gilje shared a letter of support for Adam with local Eden Prairie papers. Roxane has led key parent volunteer efforts for 11 years at several Eden Prairie schools. Eden Prairie voters will elect four school board members on Tuesday, November 3.

I have been an involved parent of the Eden Prairie Schools for over 11 years as a volunteer and an active leader in all of our school PTOs.  A priority for me is the relationship between our administration, our staff and our parents. As parent volunteers, we can help make that relationship stronger by working to provide the resources that are needed and widening the opportunities we can offer to our students. We accomplish more by working together and that is why Adam Seidel should be a choice on your voting ballot on November 3. 

I have found that Adam Seidel has made it easy to be reachable and open to discussion and ideas.  Adam has really put himself out there, one by using a current social media outlet like Facebook to share his ideas and message.  His promise to maintain an active website and other social media content with his personal contact info accessible to everyone is a benefit, in addition to offering an easy way for those with less time to reach him. He will be a resource for our students and our parents to help reach the goals we have for our district. 

If you want an accessible and accountable School Board, Adam Seidel is the perfect candidate. I'm excited to see what our community groups can accomplish with a listener like him on the board. I intend to vote Seidel on Tuesday, November 3, and I hope you do too.

- Roxane Gilje, EPHS PTO President

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